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Howard University College of Dentistry

General Practice Residency

St Barnabas Hospital, Bronx NY


Tech Startup Experience:

MIT -New Media Medicine Lab

Harvard University Medical School- Joslin Diabetes Center

Just a practicing dentist with a tech background.

I had a problem. I like to believe that I have great bedside manner and give outstanding explanations of dental conditions and procedures. But by the end of the work day, I was drained both physically and mentally. I enjoy having great dialogue with patients. What I find less enjoyable is having to sell a patient on the best treatment plan for them. Explaining why the treatment is important, justifying the cost, convincing the patient of the urgency, all exhausting. Carrie gives me the opportunity to spend more time working on my patients rather than explaining to them. You will see many updates over the years, but our mission will always be the same. It's simple. Make practicing more enjoyable, increase the oral health outcomes of our patients, and create a better experience.


Thank you,

Edward C Mazique II DDS




Edward C. Mazique II DDS



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